Hookers for Hillary: Taking On Health Insurance

A Nevada woman makes a six-figure income. She has a family. She is a citizen. But she is not eligible to get health insurance because she’s a legal prostitute.

Unfortunately this was the story of many of Nevada’s legal prostitutes prior to The Affordable Health Care Actinitiated by President ObamaCaressa Kisses is a legal prostitute who is also a member of Hookers for Hillary, an organization comprised of prostitutes who are campaigning for the presidential nomination of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. At the top of their four point platform is healthcare for women, including health insurance. Kisses exclaims that, “Me and anyone with pre-existing conditions can get insurance now.”

Before Obamacare the sex workers of Nevada were not eligible for health insurance because they were labeled the same as an illegal prostitute and, “I believe that is wrong” said Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranchand six other legal brothels in Nevada.

Legal prostitution is regulated by the state of Nevada. The working girls are subject to safety guidelines that are not required by illegal prostitutes, such as, “Once a week Gonorrhea and Chlamydia tests as well as a once a month blood test to screen for HIV and Syphilis. Sex workers are also required by state law to have their clients use condoms” according to state regulations.

Kisses states that, “Brothels should be legal everywhere. We are regulated, safe, and tested.” Illegal prostitutes are prone to increased diseases, high mortality, and a lot of drug usage, Hof said.

Hof said that he got the girls together to go over candidates and of his 540 employed legal prostitutes 490 of them supported Clinton.


Recently Clinton said, “I will tell you, I am not going to let [Republicans] rip away the progress we made, I am not going to let them tear up that law, kick 16 million people off health coverage and force this country to start the health care debate all over again. Not on my watch.” This is one of the reasons that Clinton has gained support from the women working in the brothels. The prostitutes back Clinton because they believe she will keep Obamacare intact. This is important to the prostitutes because, “Now with Obamacare they can’t discriminate and they have to give you the insurance” said Hof.

Although the prostitutes are excited by the idea that they can get insurance with Obamacare they do not think the plan is perfect. “I can get insurance for the first time, I don’t want it. They need to work on a few things before I’m happy with it, but the fact that I can actually have it is a start” said Kisses. She believes that no bill is passed perfect, but it can be fixed rather than starting over. Kisses thinks that Obamacare is a step in the right direction, she says that government needs to, “Keep what works and take out what doesn’t and move forward. That’s how we get good legislature.”

Hof agrees that Obamacare has some flaws. “Personally I’m not all for [Obamacare] because it costs me a lot of money, and I think unfairly.” said Hof.

Hookers for Hillary feels vindicated that they are helping Clinton’s bid for presidency because of the national media attention the organization has received. Hof said, “If you Google Hookers for Hillary right now 2 million 750 thousand items come up. It was the highest trending thing on Facebook.”

After winning the Nevada caucus Clinton is closer to becoming the Democratic nominee and possibly the President of the United States. “I do believe Hillary will fight to make the necessary changes, she fights, and I do believe that she is going to see us as women.” Kisses said.

To Watch the Full Interview Click: https://youtu.be/CmhXu2okfx0

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